The Kaars, a music band with Jac PETIT-JEAN-BORET in 1969




THE mythic band, of course.
Here is the unique performance on stage on Feb 22, 1969.
We were playing hits : Otis Redding, Beatles, Stones.
But we were very successful and this for an audience of 3000 people !

The "Kasatchoc" ballet had spontaneously jumped onto the stage !


Solo guitar: Dédé Fautivec (replaced later by the very well-known Didier Thibault)
Bass : The now famous Dominique Bertram
Drums : Michel Coulon
Alto sax : Patrick Mercier
Alto sax : Michel Sallès
Baryton sax : Thierry Léonard
Baryton sax: Gérard Cauchois
Vocals and sometimes rhythm guitar : eh yop, that's me, young and handsome...

LET'S BE KAARS ! by Jove !

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