Surrealistic drawings of Jac PETIT-JEAN-BORET

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This frist group of 24 drawings corresponds to a series
made between 1992 and 2000.
These drawings, made with pencil, needed
each between one week and one month working.
It is hard on the net to realize how precise they are.
There is much to discover, as much in white as in black.
Nothing was aleatory, every milliter has a meaning at last,
very often are they part of separate subjects.
Vanadium-girls series in 1986

Theme variations : the microscope girl.


The following drawings were made on the beach, or at bar terraces
in Formentera between 1993 et 2000.



Other drawings


Color pencils drawings

Small "scato" series in 1982
Two themes, seaman and pilot
in 1994
Three pointillist drawings as I began to paint in 1981.
an inkpen work,

and two portraits that I found back.
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