3D Animations by Jac PETIT-JEAN-BORET


Au coeur de l'Horloge, chanson-clip animation by Jac PETIT-JEAN-BORET about the village of Saint-Jean-de-Maruejols



Mars 2010
Four months work 16 hours a day. Tens of thousand files.
I had recorded this song in december 2008 and I had since then the fancy to make a videoclip out of it.
This is the house where I was living then.

My discovery of Blender allowed me to make my wish come true.
Blender is a 3D and video program and I had to learn to use it first.
The Blender community, more than 300.000 users throughout the world helped me a lot
and I would like to thank them here.
Here a translation of the lyrics :

In the heart of the clock
In my ivory tower,
I am wondering
About the meaning of History.

Seconds after seconds
Hours after hours
The bell saddens us
With its continuous chiming.

I'm leaving in the belfrey,
The sound of the cogs
Doesn't frighten me
Although they never stop.

Every friday,
A clockmaker comes
With his crank
To wind up the time.

This regular ticking,
Perpetual purring,
Is it comforting ?

Am I the djinn of time
Always indexed forwards ?
I can neither revert
Nor stop.

The hands are the wings
Of the bird of life.
The weights are the udders
that feed him.

In the heart of the clock
In my ivory tower,
I am wondering
About my own history.

How many times
This haunting rhythm
Will stay in harmony
With my own heartbeats ?

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