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Updated November, Tuesday 16th, 2020

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I don't actualize the english pages that often,
so have a look at the french pages too.


Live Concert on July 24, 2019 :

The complete video of my recital in Rochegude.
My best chansons.
Worth seeing and listening with subtitles.
One of my best recent pleasures.
nov 30, 2020

Animated 3D sculptures

I added this video to my sculpture page.
nov 16, 2020

The Fall

New animation to test fluids.
oct 24, 2020

Animation 3D

"Moderno 404". Animation of a brush painting
I made in 1988. Albert Einstein plays violin, conducted
by 29 prominent conductors.

sept 30, 2020

Animation 3D

"Duck Pond"
A tribute to one of the best Blender creators:
Gleb Alexandrov.
sept 8, 2020

Animation 3D

"Totem Winter Sports"
july 20, 2020

10 anys de Fira de la Mola

Ten years anniversary of the Hippie market in La Mola.
avec paper cutting of the lighthouse.
3D animation.
july 16, 2020

La Mola :

3D animation of one of my paintings.
june15, 2020

API new ear :

Tutorial-animation for Blender freaks.
Human ear configurator.
may 11, 2020

The ennemy :

New animation-tutorial-comic 3D Blender.
december 2, 2019

New animation :

november 20, 2019

New animation :

june 27, 2018

Orientation table in Barjac castle.

Graphics, historical and laying the table.